Setting up you Silhouette

You received your Silhouette CAMEO. Great, but now what? Today is the day you are going to get it out of the box and conquer your fear. Take a deep breath and in a few short steps you will learn the ease and wonders Silhouette CAMEO is capable of. Put that pretty little box next to you and lets get started.

Step One: Go to . Click on the machine you are setting up, for this example we will choose Silhouette CAMEO 3. This will take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on your computer and internet speed.

Step Two: Set up your account. Enter your email. Make a password (write it down to remember). This is the information you will need to sign in to Silhouette Design Store and your Cloud, hit submit registration. Make sure you know your password.

Step Three: Confirm you have all the pieces.

Yes, take a moment to admire your new baby. Remove all the tape and foam on your machine. Plug in the power cord to the CAMEO 3 and then to the power outlet. On the right side of the CAMEO 3 push the on button. Follow the directions on the CAMEO 3 screen.  DO NOT plug in your USB cord.

Step Four: Firmware installation is the next step. Choose Mac or Windows. I am using windows. Choose download firmware. Unzip the file and hit run now, just follow the directions on screen. DO NOT shut off your computer.

Step Five: Download your Silhouette Studio Software. Choose Mac or Windows. I am using windows. You can choose where you want it on your computer, I agreed to my default. When this is done you will have to hit run. Follow the directions on your screen. When done you will have this icon on your desktop.

Do a little happy dance!

Step Six: It’s time to open up your library. On the left hand side you will see icons go down till you see these three, click on the book. This is your library. You will need to sign into the cloud using your email and password that you created when you first registered your machine. This will set up your library. Your library is where all your designs are kept.

Hook up the USB cord to your Cameo 3. Your free images will now be imported. (If it does not import turn off your machine then turn it back on).

You can go through the rest of the set up, just follow the prompts on your computer. To set up Bluetooth your computer needs to be Bluetooth compatible and above 4.0.

Check for Firmware and updates on your CAMEO 3. Do not check for updates on your silhouette program. It will tell you that you are up to date every time. Congratulations you did it! Enjoy and start creating.

Make sure to check back for more tutorial and ideas on JoyBella Creations.