Deer Head Bodysuit

I have a new grandson and I found this Deer Head Design in Silhouette Design Store. I have been calling him my little buckaroo and his Daddy is a hunter. This was just calling his name.

Supplies Needed:

  • Silhouette CAMEO
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl (Camo and Silhouette Orange
  • Deer head ( design ID #116235 )
  • Font Lw Super Font ( Design ID #80746 )
  • 12 in. cutting mat
  • Heat Press
  • Bodysuit

Step One: Open Design in Silhouette Studio

Open the Deer Head Design in Silhouette Studio.

To decrease the size of the design:

1. Open the scale panel.

2. I scaled it to 3.375 in. I wanted him a little wider so I released the lock aspect and made him 3.000 in. wide.

This will make him a little wider, making it perfect to add Buckaroo to his chest.

Step Two: Adding Buckaroo

1. Click the Font Icon from the left side icons. I used LW super font (font ID #80746 )

2. Type the word Buckaroo.

3. Size it to fit on the Deer Head chest.

4. Make a box around Deer Head and Buckaroo. Click Object>Modify>Subtract all

Move text away. Your text will be ungrouped so group it back together.

Step Three: Offset Buckaroo

1. Select Buckaroo and do a small offset. I did 0.012. This will take into account shrinkage of the Deer Head and avoid any of the bodysuit from showing around the font.

2. Pull your original Buckaroo away and delete it. Regroup the offset Buckaroo.

3. Highlight both items and mirror image them. Object>Mirror>Flip Horizontally

Step Four: Cut Your Design

1. Make a square around the Deer Head and group it together. Do the same with Buckaroo.

This will make it easier to weed after you cut it.

2. Arrange your designs onto the live area in Silhouette Studio.

Not to close together being as you are doing two different colors and we will cut both at once.

3. On your cutting mat arrange your vinyl to match up with your virtual cutting mat on your screen.

4. In your cut Settings panel, choose you medium (Heat Transfer Material Smooth)

To make sure your settings are correct do a test cut.

5. Click “Send to Silhouette”

Step Five: Weeding and Heat Pressing your Bodysuit

1. After you have cut it, weed the Heat Transfer Material. I used a light box to help see the cut lines.

2. Lay the Deer head on your bodysuit and center it. Press at 305 degrees for 2-3 seconds. Just enough to get it to adhere to the bodysuit. Remove carriage sheet.

3. Lay Buckaroo on and line up the cut out. Press at 305 degrees for 10 seconds. Remove carriage sheet.


Little Buckroo bodysuit

You are now ready to get that baby and show off your work. I think it looks perfect on him, Wouldn’t you agree?