Valentine’s Day Made Special

Valentine’s day holds a special meaning in my life and is one of my favorite holidays. I was crazy enough to go on a blind date on Valentine’s Day and to this day I call that man my hubby and best friend. I’m a little addicted to hearts. Really hearts are perfect anytime of the year. Are you with me? We can all use more love.

I was inspired this year to create items for the people I love the most. I found designs I loved in the Silhouette Design Store. I  pulled out some card stock I had stashed away and got busy with my Silhouette CAMEO 3 and Mint. In no time at all I had all of my adorable projects completed and ready for our Valentine’s day Celebration.

Hearts Cluster Box With Lid







I always try and trick my hubby, but he always guesses what I get him. I’m hoping this heart cluster box from Silhouette Design Store  (Design ID #116721) will fool him. Using red and white cardstock to match the red roses he has given me from day one. I definitely didn’t want him seeing inside so cut a square and glued it to the inside, no peeking. This was so fun to make and I can’t wait for him to see his surprise. Hopefully this will be the year I fool him. Wish me luck!

Heart Fold Over Bag

When our kids were young we always gave them a heart shaped box of candy, now being adults I wanted to give them a few of their favorite candies. I created this small bag using Silhouette Design Store (design ID #114241). It reminded me of the heart boxes with the little heart cut outs. I filled with candy and tied it shut with a little white bow. This 3D bag is perfect how it folds over to hold the candy. I wonder who will be the first to finish?


Flower Wreath

To greet our family I made this wreath to hang on our front door with my CAMEO 3. I cut 2 circles the size I wanted my wreath to be. Gluing them together to make it strong enough to hold the flowers. To create my flowers I used the free hand tool to draw long wavy rectangular strips to be sent to the CAMEO. I simply rolled them up and attached them to the circle with a little glue. I added the heart Design (design ID43104) with BE MINE  and my project was complete. Setting the mood right from the front door, I love the way it turned out.


Valentine Day Card

Cards are a great way to show your family how much you appreciate them. I designed this card using the hearts from the hearts cluster box (design #116721). I simple matched the hearts to my cardstock colors and did a print and cut. You could also use the Silhouette Sketch Pens (Sketch pens) for a different look. I just need to hand write a sweet message that is personalized for each family memeber. How special it will make everyone feel is well worth the extra work.

Printed Tissue Paper

Not wanting to leave Silhouette Mint out of the fun I created colorful tissue paper using one of the free designs you received with your Mint. I found that the 45mm x 45mm  (stamp-kit) was just the right size. I added ink to it in a few different colors matching the rest of my projects and got busy stamping in a random pattern. Using bag (design ID #1155). I stamped the front of the bag to match the tissue paper. Added the tissue paper to the inside to cover the gift and I was done. I just love what my Silhouette Cameo 3 and Mint are capable of, it’s so fun designing and creating all the special little touches.



Look how wonderful and festive everything turned out and it all matches. Yes, I’m kind of a matchie match kind of girl. Valentine’s Day is a great day to spoil the people you care about. It’s all the little things that set the mood when you are celebrating. I kept all the hearts that were cut out and used them for confetti to sprinkle around the gifts. I made a little candle using vinyl hearts to go along with my other projects because lets face it, a candle just adds romance. I am so excited for our Valentine’s Day Celebration.

I hope you are inspired to make your family and friends feel special this Valentine’s Day and all year-long. Now go get your Silhouette machines working and enjoy. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!